Meet Paul, our founder

It’s not often that an idea comes to you following a near death experience.

Earlier in 2017, a near miss involving a newly qualified driver mis-judging a sharp bend cast my mind back about 15 years to a terrible tragedy in which a friend, who was an inexperienced driver, suffered a fatal accident not involving another car. She was only 21 and had her whole life ahead of her. So sad.

This prompted the question ‘how can I help improve young driver safety?’. Fast forward many months later and an immense amount of in-depth research and I came up with FreezaBird.

My overall vision is to improve young driver safety. Sadly, today 1 in 5 young drivers will have an accident within 6 months of passing their test. I want FreezaBird’s customers to reduce their accident rate by a minimum factor of 4 times this rate.

My research told me that the part of a person’s brain that judges risk is not fully formed until the age of 25; a massive contributory factor to high accident rates of young drivers. I also knew that a mix of behavioural science and technology (telematics) can make a huge difference to young driver safety, i.e. when we know we are being monitored, our performance improves.

However, most young drivers cannot afford a car, let alone the insurance premium, so how on earth are they to build valuable driving experience in a safe, controlled environment?

The answer lies at home, in the family. Why not form a ‘contract’ whereby Mum and Dad are happy to let their offspring drive their cars whilst they are learning and after they have passed? After all, the car is paid for, the parents can give permission for them to drive their car and the journey is monitored and scored and poor driving is fed back to both the driver and the parent.

Uniquely, my proposition caters for unlimited offspring aged 17-24 years to drive their parent's car. On average, the insurance premium could be over 40-50% cheaper than the average for a young driver with their own car. As FreezaBird is for occasional driving, to keep costs down further, youngsters can initially buy just 1,000 miles and top up to a generous mileage cap.

Furthermore, smart tech will remind young drivers when they get in the car to sign in on their phone. This insures them for the journey and, thanks to consumer research, we’re building another fail-safe if they forget to sign in, allowing their parent to activate the insurance remotely.

I remember very well that feeling of immortality when I was younger and the exhilaration of the freedom of the road. I want Britain’s young people to enjoy that freedom, and to celebrate their youth and their adulthood.

FreezaBird has the technology and drive to deliver on my vision. I am building the product from the ground up using the most recent technology and with everyone’s needs in mind: supportive insurance companies and young drivers and their families.

My goal is to embrace the spirit of young people, to help them to be safe whilst enjoying the freedom of the road, thus saving lives and reducing injury.

In a nutshell, FreezaBird’s vision is “to embrace the spirit of youth and let it safely fly.”